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And how  it works.


What is E   T

What is EFT?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, are techniques that quickly reduce stress and anxiety.  In EFT tapping, which you can think of as ‘acupuncture without needles’, we tap on certain acupuncture points, while talking about a distressing event which releases the emotional charge of that event. EFT combines aspects of exposure therapy with cognitive reframing, while tapping on certain points so that the emotional charge related to the event gets released from your body so you become literally emotionally free. That means that you can think about and talk about that event without reliving it and getting emotional about it. The event no longer has an emotional hold on you; you are no longer emotionally stuck. 

A recent client who had begun pulling her hair out at age 15 finally got control over it at age 23 using EFT, and she achieved her goal of being able to wear her hair any way she likes. She achieved this in just 8 sessions.

Another 25-year-old client who would pull out her hair and bite her skin when she got stressed, and felt tremendous pressure to excel in her studies uses EFT to manage her stress and keep her self-destructive habits under control so now she loves how her hands look, and her beautiful hair is grown in.

A woman feeling rage toward family members has released her anger so that her current relationships can thrive in an atmosphere of love. 

A young woman who had experienced date rape, and also had trichotillomania, released the trauma of the date rape by acknowledging and freeing herself of the self-blame for that experience, giving her freedom in her current healthy relationship. She was also able to stop pulling out her hair. She achieved this in just 2 sessions.

What are the benefits of using EFT?

  • Fast, long-lasting results - no need for long, expensive treatment plans. For most clients 8 weekly sessions with occasional follow-up sessions are all that's needed. 

  • These are self-help techniques that can (and should) be practiced on your own.

  • Can be used anywhere, anytime - it’s like your own personal SOS toolkit.

  • Using Energy Psychology (EP) techniques, including EFT tapping actually helps create new neural pathways - literally rewiring your brain - to create lasting changes in how you think and feel about past events, and have a profound effect on changing behaviors.


Clinical EFT is part of Clinical EP (Energy Psychology) which are

scientifically validated techniques.

Learn why you should work only with a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner.

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