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What clients say about Tapping with Esti


Read what clients say about working with me:

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Opening and Empowering Communication


What originally was to be a session on the issue of general procrastination
evolved into a session of addressing my feelings and conversations I had
avoided around my marriage and parenting and other conversations I avoided.

It became clear that there was a specific need to address. We explored my
opinion of how I would reaction and how I imagined the conversation would take
place. And when it came to having the conversation I was completely
BLOCKED at what to say without getting angry...with a little coaching the
appropriate true words for me came to mind. It came to mind with a lot of
honesty and calmness.

I don't have an avoidance to speaking the TRUTH about my perception of what I
need or feel. There have been multiple conversations with family, friends, and
business partners that I say what I feeling without any annoyance but just clear



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Faded Shapes

Overwhelmed with work/life balance in the midst of deadlines for many projects including a speaking gig.

The tapping really helped me focus and be in the moment with changing my emotional state. And after that, I was able to calm down about the speaking gig - especially since I hadn’t spoken publicly in person in many years.


I was able to keep my focus on the event beforehand without freaking myself out and because of that, the speaking event went really well and brought in new insights into how to get out there more often to promote my business.

Karen Abrams


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Tapping to Focus in the Midst of Life's Many Demands

Faint Glow

I was starting a job and was afraid of failure due to traumas regarding past experiences. Esti helped me and I am still in the job today. I have been very successful. My ideas have not been blocked or ridiculed and I have managed to free creative processes that I previously stifled.



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Overcoming Fear of Starting New Job

Fading Colors

I had been experiencing strong resistance to moving forward in my business and I didn't understand why.

During the tapping session I started to feel less resistance and more motivation to keep going and to keep doing what I'm doing.  Esti was very patient and helped me reduce my resistance. S he also helped me to get motivated again and to focus on my strengths.

I keep going and going and going and when I feel stuck, I think of our session, I tap and release all negative feelings and I move on.



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Removing Blocks to Business Success

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Fading Colors
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I came to work with Esti for my hair pulling disorder - TRICHOTILLOMANIA.  I have been suffering from this since childhood.  It was hard for me to live with a habit, which makes you feel abnormal and crazy.  I never talked about my hair pulling habit as I was very ashamed of it.  I always doubted my potential and had very low self-esteem. I was tired of lying about my thin hair and bald spots.  That's why I decided to seek help and found "tapping with esti".

You helped me by teaching me to live with my trich boldly and allow myself to heal by accepting everything in life.  During sessions, we did lots of tapping and released emotions that's bothering me.  I learned lots of other techniques to cope with stress. I was able to be myself and express everything without fear of being judged.

My pulling frequency has decreased drastically. There were times where I was pull-free for about 6 month then it relapsed. But I learned to handle relapse without beating myself up.


The 'aha' moment was the time when we found out why I started pulling in one of the reflective sessions.  After finding out this , I started to connect dots in my life and I am at peace now.  I have stopped blaming myself for my Trich.

Hair-pulling doesn't control me anymore.

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