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You should work only with a Certified Clinical E   T  Practitioner

Why you should work only with a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is often touted as a self-help technique, so why work with a practitioner?


Guidance and support are crucial to long-lasting results.
The same reason you’d get a personal trainer, even though you know how to exercise - to get better results, faster. To have someone cheering you on, pushing you a little harder, and a littler further than you would on your own. 

Have you ever tried to diet on your own? How’d that go? Not so great, I imagine.

Then did you try a diet program with a friend? I’ll bet that went better, right?
Because you held each other accountable, and kept each other going especially when you wanted to give in to temptation.

Even practitioners like myself do better with another practitioner.

Would you train with a fitness instructor who told you what to do, but didn’t work out themselves? Of course not!

I do my own tapping every day, but I still work with another practitioner every week to go deeper and address the things I might easily avoid on my own. My tapping partner has helped me to shift things by offering her own insights and reframes that I wouldn’t get on my own. 


Learn how to do EFT the right way for your specific issues.
Why you might want to start your own tapping journey by working with a certified clinical practitioner such as myself:

So you can learn the proper and proven tapping techniques and how to apply them best to your own specific needs.


As an intuitive practitioner I offer insights to speed your healing.
So you have someone on your side, guiding your transformation, and offering insights, and outside perspective. 

Because I ask the right questions to getting faster and deeper results than you’d get on your own.

To benefit from my strong intuitive sense, that together with the techniques, helps you achieve your best results.

And remember, everything you learn in our sessions you take with you and you can apply anywhere and anytime you like. 


I want to help you in as few sessions as necessary to reach your goal.
Unlike talk therapies, I generally meet clients for a fixed number of sessions and my clients continue to tap and get results even once we’re no longer working together. They can, and do, come back for occasional sessions when they need extra help on something, and that’s perfectly fine.

With EFT you get your own ‘emotional first aid’ method and can help yourself independent of a practitioner. My goal is for my clients to be empowered and independent, and not NEED on-going sessions with me.

Why an EFT Universe Certified Practitioner?

I am a certified Energy Psychology Practitioner, which means that I have learned the 48 Energy Psychology techniques, including EFT, with which you may already be familiar.


Clinical EFT is part of Clinical EP,

 a scientifically validated form of Energy Psychology and EFT.)

Working with a certified practitioner such as myself ensures that you’re working with a trained practitioner who has studied the science, learned the proven techniques and has been supervised. It’s the same reason you want to learn from a certified teacher, or train with a certified trainer. It’s a mark of the person’s commitment to professionalism and their qualification to work with clients.


Click here to read about the science behind EFT.

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